Why Work with a Team?

Aren’t all real estate agents and companies the same?Why work with a team? You could end up with this.

Why work with a Team when conventional wisdom would tell you that  anyone with a real estate license can do the  job! Right?

NO…WRONG!…very wrong! With the advancements in our industry from new technology, the way real estate agents work today has changed dramatically. The old stereo types and impressions of what most people assume agents do daily in their job,  is simply not accurate.  The job of a real estate professional is probably the most misunderstood occupation on the planet.  Just ask someone who recently got a real estate license this question: ” Is it what you thought it would be”? You’ll be surprised by the answer.

Today’s real estate world has placed an incredible amount of pressure on agents to wear too many hats. Agents today first have to get a state license, then figure out how to sell a house to make a living!  Additionally, today’s agent also has to learn how to use the Multiple Listing Service, understand 20-30 page contracts both for listings and sales, set up multiple marketing web sites, learn how to market real estate, learn scripts and dialogues thaWhy work with a team? Team execution equals success.t help you help people, become real estate experts in every aspect including neighborhood experts, know the town like the Chamber of Commerce, understand everything their is to know about every loan program created by man, know everyone’s job in the closing process, right out of the gate be responsible for trouble shooting any and every problem that could come up, recognize the red flags before they happen. An agent must have a smart phone, have an iPad, own a good car, pay your real estate dues and membership fees, learn how to find clients….Exhausted yet? Maybe you get the idea now.

After many years of a  huge turnover in the ranks of new real estate agents theAn overworked and tired professional handling your biggest purchase development of the Real Estate Team evolved. Many new agents just simply could not handle the intense learning curve placed on the single agent practitioner and left the business. Some have succeeded but with the intensity of having to multitask a plethora of duties and responsibilities. The ability to provide   exceptional service working alone is still a hard job to accomplish and do it well.  With the increased complexities facing real estate agents today, Byrd Realty Group at Keller Williams Coastal Virginia has embraced the Team Model.  Much like any team everyone has a specific job and is responsible and focused on a smaller set of tasks, each complimenting the tasks performed by the other team members resulting in higher performance for our clients, and ultimately a more rewarding and profitable experience as well.

Why work with a team?

Byrd Realty’s Team Concept

Why work with a team? Each member of our teTeams achieve more.am has taken a personality profile test so we can determine where they might fit on our team. Our goal is to match the job and the personality in an effort to increase job satisfaction and a more rewarding customer/client experience. We find it is much easier to provide great customer service when our team members are placed properly in their jobs.

Why work with a team? Much like any sports team every member of our team has a job description, assigned tasks and responsibilities. And like any sports team our quarterback calls the plays and holds the team accountable for their personal goals, team goals and customer service goals.

Why work with a team? Working on a team gives each agent the flexibility and advantage of focusing on a smaller set of tasks to and responsibilities.  This allows a new agent  to produce sales more quickly by getting into action much faster while being coached and monitored by the leaders and mentors on the team. A team helps an experienced agent avoid the chaos of What's My Home Worth?having to wear the many hats today’s multi-tasking solo agents do while working themselves to death trying to please everyone while details slip through the cracks. Kind of like “texting while driving”!

From a customer or clients perspective…why work with our team? You’ll be working with a highly trained and motivated group that has been hand picked to help you succeed at the highest level whatever your real estate needs are! Our team will work effectively and efficiently without distractions from having to multitask jobs outside of their specialty. Much like a team of doctors or lawyers practicing each within their specialty, our team excels where others do not.

Inside the Real Estate Transaction

Below is a diagram of the basic real estate transaction and the tasks required to reach a successful closing. This diagram simplifies the process dramatically, but keep in mind most top producing agents are working 8-12 or more transactions in various stages at all times! If all an agent had to do was close one sale, this would be a piece of cake.  However, if you factor in the fact that from the time an agent meets a buyer client, from the time they close on their purchase, 6 months to a year may have passed!  One sale is not going to feed a family! Why work with a team? After reviewing the diagram below it is easy to see where having administrative help when dealing with a higher volume of business is essential to running a real estate business. It makes everything go smoother when more eyes are watching the process.The anatomy of a Real Estate Transaction

Our Team Structure

Why work with a team? Together we all win.Why work with a team? We subscribe to the Keep it Simple & Smile principle! We have a Buyer Side to our team, a Seller Side and an administrative foundation. This simple structure allows our team to focus on what they are best at while providing an excellent customer experience.

Why work with a team?  When your home is on the market we are actively focused on marketing your home and creating global exposure for your home through our web sites, web syndication, blogs, virtual tours, online classified ads etc. Our buyer team is simultaneously actively handling all of the internet leads, sign calls, cold calls, lead follow up and showing homes to buyers. This job done correctly is simply too much for a solo agent to handle properly even at a low volume of business.

Why work with a team? Keep in mind in real estate, if a person is not busy there is a reason.  Typically, it is because they are not very good at what they do!  Additionally, an agent that only sells at low volume has limited transaction experience, meaning they are not as skilled in the day to day nuances of our ever changing real estate market as an agent or team that is constantly selling, negotiating and participating in training and development to improve their business everyday.

Another home sold by Byrd RealtyWhy work with a team? Our team Byrd Realty Group at Keller Williams Coastal Virginia works hard to improve and develop our skills and teamwork everyday and is committed to delivering an excellent customer experience to each and every client and customer we work with.  So whether you are selling your first home or last home, buying another one, moving in from out of town or investing in real estate for your families future, we are here to help you every step of the way. We are experienced, knowledgeable, accessible and eager to help you whatever your real estate goals may be.

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