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Feeling a Little Underwater? We can help!

Foreclosure is not the Only Option!

It doesn’t matter if your behind on your payments, or soon to be and even if you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. We can help!

We place your needs first and our services are FREE to you! So please don’t hesitate to call us or simply submit the form below. We are happy to sit down and discuss your options with you.

Sometimes we all need a little help…and more frequently than not, proud people that need help, simply won’t ask. The shame of this reality is that the people that don’t ask for help are often the easiest ones to help! And…these folks are the ones most likely to have success once guided in the right direction!

So if this sounds like you…you don’t need to “go down with the ship”. You may have choices and solutions available to you that you simply aren’t aware of at this point…we can help!

Byrd Realty Group at Keller Williams Coastal Virginia is dedicated to assisting homeowners regain control of their housing situation.

Bill Byrd leads this endeavor as a Realtor with unique experience and holds the coveted designation of a Certified Distressed Property Expert.  (CDPE)

As a CDPE we have developed a sister site designed educate homeowners about what options are available to them, based on their specific situation, and from there we help them develop a strategic plan for resolving their current housing issues.

Byrd Realty Group believes that helping our neighbors avoid foreclosure is at the heart of resolving our nation’s current economic situation.  It is sad that fewer than 30% of those in trouble seek assistance and many end up facing foreclosure unnecessarily.

If you or someone you might know could benefit from a confidential discussion regarding the options available, please contact us or share our website.  Our services are FREE, with no obligation and provided to homeowners by Byrd Realty Group.

We are currently helping many of our neighbors in need and working hard daily to make a significant contribution to struggling homeowners in our community.

If you would like to speak with our Team “Certified Distressed Property Expert” Bill Byrd please fill out the form below and he will contact you typically within 24 hours or sooner.

If that’s not quick enough click the “Click to Call” button below!

Let’s get you back on the right track! “It’s time to play a little offense”!


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