Home Maintenance Tips For The Summer!

 Summertime Home Maintenance Tips Summer is just right around the corner! Before you head to the beach or out the door to your summer vacation, here are some great home maintenance tips for the summer to do to keep your home in tip-top … [Read more...]

Energy Saving Ideas

If your interested in Saving Some Dough this winter, I have a few energy saving ideas for you to consider.  Every year we lose hundreds of dollars through inefficient energy management. We do this by not properly sealing and insulating … [Read more...]

Concerned About Frozen Pipes?

Are you worried about Frozen Pipes this winter? Frozen Pipes that eventually burst from the freeze/thaw process can cause a number of problems from water damaged walls, ceilings and floors, and typically involve costly plumbing … [Read more...]

Selecting a Home Warranty Plan

Selecting a Home Warranty Plan When Selecting a Home Warranty Plan you have many options today. Keep in mind there are several companies that offer competitive plans with a host of different standard coverage’s and additional “al la … [Read more...]

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