When An Appointment Is Made

How to be ready When An Appointment Is Made.

Once your home is listed with Byrd Realty, agents from many real estate firms will want to show your home. So to be ready When An Appointment Is Made consider these tips to help insure a quicker sale and a better first offer.

When an appointment is made

If at all possible, When An Appointment Is Made do everything in your power to allow access to any agent who calls  to show your home, and at the time that is most convenient for the buyer.  The most motivated home buyers come in from out of town and typically only have a small window of time to find a home. So working within their schedule will be beneficial to you. Making it difficult for them to see your home may cause them to bypass your home altogether. If you are not frequently available, it is suggested that you allow a lockbox to be installed on your door. Today’s modern lockbox systems are safer than ever before and you will increase your odds for a sale by allowing more qualified buyers to easily see your home. You do not want to miss even one showing…each one could be the one! It is well know in real estate marketing and sales that the best way to get top dollar for any home has always been by exposing it and showing it to the most number of qualified buyers as possible.

Tip: Often buyer agents assume that a seller who restricts showing times, is less motivated and may be more difficult to negotiate with. Consequently the showing agent may not be as eager to either show or sell a home of what they may feel is a “difficult seller.”

Before and prior to a showing:

  • When an appointment is made open all drapes and window blinds in the daylight hours. Let the light in so the home does not show “dark.”
  • Remove extra furniture. The idea is to create as much open floor space as possible. The home will feel much larger.Create Floor Space When an appointment is made
  • Remove the center leaf from any table. Again the idea is to create space.
  • Do not block natural pathways through the home with furniture, plants of other decorations. Disrupting floor plan flow patterns will make a home feel small.
  • The kitchen & bathroom should shine and sparkle. Remove rarely used items from the tops of all counters. Create as much open work space as possible so the buyer will feel like the kitchen or bath has plenty of counter space.
  • When an appointment is made circulate fresh air by opening windows one half hour before a showing. Make sure all unpleasant odors are gone.
  • Create an inviting feeling by opening all the doors between rooms. A homes flow pattern and feel is one of the most important aspects of selling a home today.
  • Fresh flowers always make a great first impression adding color and life to any room.
  • When an appointment is made, if it is convenient, baking cookies or bread will add to the ambiance and make the buyers feel right at home.
  • When an appointment is made, turn on every light and replace bulbs with high wattage bulbs where needed. We want the home to be a bright as possible.
  • Pets can be problematic when a home is shown. Some pet owners find it hard to believe but not everyone may share their love of animals and some people may actually allergic to them. If at all possible you should create an environment where your pets do not come in contact with the home buyers and showing agent. Pets can be very Spotless Bathrooms When an appointment is madedistracting to someone attempting to discover the features and feel of your home. And…most importantly…eliminate all pet odors.
  • Think safety first when it comes to your valuables. All jewelry, small valuables, any important collectables, guns or other weapons should be stored in a locked closet or at the bank in a safety deposit box.
  • If you have fixtures or important items that you do not wish to convey with the home you may want to replace them prior to putting your home on the market or at the very least tag them appropriately with “to be replaced with…” or “does not convey” signs.
  • Bathrooms should be spotless and smell fresh, with towels folded, toilet clean and lid down. Beds should be neatly made, room organized & clothes picked up and put away.
  • When you leave the house, plan to leave it as if you know it is going to be shown. You never know when the right person is going to look at it!

Keep in mind when your home is on the market you are trying to “sell it”! When An Appointment Is Made you are now”the doggy in the window” and you want someone to take you home!

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