Waterfront Homes in Virginia Beach

Expert Insight on Waterfront Homes in Virginia Beach

It’s been a while since I wrote my first post about Waterfront Homes in Virginia Beach.  Since then prices have rebounded off the bottom of the market and in my opinion, should continue to trend upwards for some time.

Having bottomed in 2012, our market has seen more Waterfront Homes in Virginia Beach come to market recently.  This new inventory of homes is not necessarily a sign of a robust market, but is sign that the sellers of these Waterfront Homes in Virginia Beach have sensed that the market has improved and represents a potential opportunity to sell and move while interest rates are still low.

As a home buyer in this market, if one is considering buying one of the available Waterfront Homes in Virginia Beach it is prudent to do your homework and procure the representation of an experienced local agent.  Too much is on the line to make a mistake by either overpaying or simply, accidentally making a mistake overlooking a costly element of the deal.

Waterfront Homes In Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach has an abundance of unique waterfront options.  In Virginia Beach you can find Oceanfront Homes, High Rise Oceanfront Condos, Oceanfront Duplex Condos, Bay Front Homes and Condos, Homes on the Lynnhaven River, Homes in Little Neck, Homes in Great Neck, Homes on Crystal Lake in Bay Colony and the North End, Homes on Broad Bay, Homes on Back Bay and the canals and tributaries in many other great neighborhoods that feed these larger bodies of water.  In addition, Virginia Beach has a large number of lakes in the city where one can find a more peaceful and serene setting (fewer boaters) at a much lower price point than most of the boat-able types of waterfront locations.

Waterfront Foreclosures in Virginia Beach

Occasionally you may find a deal on a Waterfront Foreclosure in Virginia Beach but if you do, be ready to jump! They are few and far between and go very fast.  Have your financing or cash in place, downpayment (if needed) ready, no home to sell contingency and know your numbers so you can make a strong offer.  These homes are typically listed at a discount and as in any competitive situation, the most knowledgeable and savvy buyer with the best offer will win!

Waterfront Homes in Virginia Beach

It may seen a little confusing at first but with the right guidance we can help you narrow down your choices based on your needs, wants, desires and of course budget. Unfortunately budget is probably the biggest limiting factor because the Waterfront Homes in Virginia Beach are typically priced at a premium. However, with that said we are experts in the area and life long locals that grew up on the waterfront in Virginia Beach.  We know the values and we can find the right property for you and help you negotiate the best price!

So if you’re looking to buy one of the many Waterfront Homes in Virginia Beach on the market give us a call (757) 431-2222 with over 50 years combined experience you wont’t find better buyer representation in Virginia Beach than with Bill & Millie Byrd!

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