5 Common Mistakes Made By Home Buyers

The 5 Most Common Mistakes Home Buyers Make!

When getting ready to buy a new home it is easy to miss some of the most important steps required to purchase your new home. The excitement and chaos of purchasing a home can sometimes distract you from the important aspects of the home buying process. Byrd Realty Group is here to assist you in making sure you make the best decisions for a smooth home purchase!

Here are 5 common mistakes made by home buyers to avoid:

  1. Choosing the wrong real estate agent.

    5 Common Mistakes Home Buyers Make

    Choosing The Right Real Estate Agent

Finding a real estate agent who will puts your real estate needs first is key! A great real estate agent will make the process of buying a home MUCH easier for you too… You will want someone with a great deal of experience and knowledge who can look out for your best interests and understands every aspect of  the home buying process!

  1. 5 Common Mistakes Home Buyers Make

    Searching Homes For Sale Online ONLY

    Searching for your new home on the internet ONLY.

    When browsing homes for sale on the internet, many times the homes you have been looking at have been sold or are under contract already, and the website does not have updated information. The best way to view homes for sale with up to date information is through a real estate agent! Real estate agents have access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), a database of all the active homes for sale in your area, and they have the ability to send you property listings to look at too. From there, you can tell the agent which homes you liked/didn’t like.  This will help the agent determine what criteria is important to you and what homes to show you! A local real estate agent couples with tools like this is your best source to finding your new home!

  1. Making an offer on a home before talking to a lender. 

    5 Common Mistakes Home Buyers Make

    Making an Offer on a Home Before Talking to a Lender

Getting prequalified by a lender will make the buying process much easier when making an offer on your dream home! It is important to take the time to speak with a lender before you jump into making an offer so that you can provide information on your income, debt, etc. to determine the price range you are able to afford.

  1. Skipping the home inspection process. 

    5 Commons Mistakes Home Buyers Make

    Skipping The Home Inspection Process!

Everyone likes saving money…but this is NOT the time to try and cut costs! Making the mistake of not having your new home inspected can cost you a lot more money in the future! Qualified home inspectors will detect issues that many buyers will overlook, especially if this is your first time buying a home! You can ask your real estate agent for an inspector recommendation if you are not sure who to use for your home inspection.

  1. Thinking there is only one dream home for you.

    5 Common Mistakes Home Buyers Make

    Thinking There is Only ONE Home For You!

There are MANY homes out there for you! The real estate inventory is constantly changing, so make sure to keep an open mind throughout the home buying process. Try to remember that every home might not be perfect or match your entire want list—comprise is key! It may take some time and effort, but with the help of your real estate agent, you can find a great new home!


By following these guidelines, you can avoid making these 5 common mistakes made by home buyers!  When you feel you are ready to make an offer on your new Hampton Roads home, the Byrd Realty Group team at Keller Williams Coastal Virginia is committed to helping you every step of the way! We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have throughout the ENTIRE home buying process! Please give Byrd Realty a call at 757-285-6416!

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