Waterfront Homes in Little Neck

If you’re considering looking at Waterfront Homes in Little Neck, the first thing you’ll need to decide upon is what type of waterfront do you want?  This is because depending on where a particular home is located in Little Neck, the type of waterfront it has can be vastly different!

What to Consider When Looking at Waterfront Homes in Little Neck

Consider the View

Make sure you consider the view when looking at Waterfront Homes in Little Neck.  Are youWaterfront Homes in Little Neck looking for a great broad view?  Are you looking for a secluded wooded lot on a canal with abundant wildlife to see?  Are you looking for deep water boating access?  Bulkheaded, natural, on a bluff, with a beach?  The choices are almost endless when it comes to the possibilities of buying your Waterfront Home in Little Neck.  While the choices of Waterfront Homes in Little Neck are endless, in the real world everything does come at a price!

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Waterfront Homes in Little NeckConsider the Water Depth and Elevation

Make sure you consider where the home is located when looking at Waterfront Homes in Little Neck.  As a rule of thumb when it comes to the location of a Waterfront Home in Little Neck, the further north you go on the Little Neck peninsula, the deeper the water you’ll find and some areas with a sand bottom.  With the further south you go, the river has experienced years of silting in from erosion and it’s more shallow with a mud bottom.  Also when looking for a Waterfront Home in Little Neck you’ll want to consider the weather patterns for our area!  Properties on the river facing Northwest to Northeast in Little Neck are much more exposed to our winter storms than other properties.  During a “Nor Easter” or frequent Hurricane it is not uncommon for a storm to bring heavy winds and to push lots of water up the river and cause some flooding.  Having lived in Virginia Beach our entire life’s we can tell you that most flooding is minimal in Little Neck because the Little Neck peninsula has a higher elevation above sea level than many areas in Virginia Beach.  But most homes exposed to the strong winds from these storms will take a beating!

Consider the History

Consider the History of the Lynnhaven!  What makes Little Neck attractive for purchasers Waterfront Homes in Little Neck is that the Little Neck peninsula is centrally located in Virginia Beach.  Being that the Little Neck peninsula basically splits the Lynnhaven River into two branches, the Eastern Branch and Western Branch, it’s location creates numerous waterfront properties.  Having been settled first in the 1600’s, the Lynnhaven River had been widely known for it’s seafood.  Did you know that Lynnhaven oysters were a prized delicacy in England for many years when the new world was first being settled?

Consider the Market

Consider the supply of Waterfront Homes in Little Neck for sale at the time you’re looking!  Depending on the time of year and the current real estate market, you may or may not find too many choices when it comes to finding Waterfront Homes for sale in Little Neck. One strategy that people often revert to is either buy and tear down or buy and renovate! With many older homes in the area on wonderful waterfront lots in Little Neck, an opportunity may be out their for the right  buyer. Recently we helped a relocating client find a nice 1960’s colonial home on the water that needed renovating. They then turned it into a beautiful modern up-to-date home with all the amenities anyone would want and they got the waterfront location they were looking for, and at a reasonable price! Waterfront Homes in Little Neck are highly desirable and patience along with a great agent may be your best asset when trying to find your waterfront paradise!

Waterfront Homes in Little NeckConsider the Right Agent When Looking at Waterfront Homes in Little Neck

The best thing to do if you want to find a Waterfront Home in Little Neck is sign up for listing alerts on one of our sites. This way you’ll be notified as soon as each new waterfront listing comes on the market! Having this advantage will help you get the jump on the other buyers in the market. Additionally, when you see a home that you’d like to visit, just let us know and we can set up a hassle free private tour for you! And…if you like what we do and would like us to help you with your home search we will be happy to represent you and help you secure the best deal for the perfect Waterfront Home in Little Neck!

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