Foreclosures in Little Neck

Foreclosures in Little Neck

Sold in 2014 on Lynnfield Dr. $490k

Typically a very stable area, however from time to time you will find Foreclosures in Little Neck.  Being a highly sought after area because of the central location, popular schools and the well known friendly community spirit in Little Neck, Foreclosures in Little Neck don’t stay on the market too long!

Your best resource for searching for Foreclosures in Little Neck is to set up a New Listing Alert on one of our websites!  Here you’ll have the advantage of being one of the first to see all of the Foreclosures in Little Neck as soon as they hit the market!

Once you see one that you’d like to check out, we can set up a hassle free private tour for you! All you need to do is give us a call at 757-285-6416 to let us know when you’re available and we’ll take care of the details! It’s that easy!

Some things to consider when purchasing Foreclosures in Little Neck.

  • Foreclosures may have been vacant for many months
  •  A homeowner in distress will not be maintaining the home prior to it becoming vacant

    Foreclosures in Little Neck

    Foreclosure in Disrepair. Sold for $509,250 in 2014. Just a little more than the value of the Waterfront Lot it was on!

  • Vandalism can happen in any neighborhood with a vacant house
  • HVAC units have been known to disappear
  • Copper pipping has been known to disappear
  • Windows may get broken
  • Rodents and other animals may discover a warn crawl space or attic
  • Typically you will be buying from a bank and the sale is “As Is”
  • Virginia’s Seller Disclosure Law does not apply to foreclosures
  • Typical mortgage financing may not be available depending on the level of disrepair
  • You might have to purchase “All Cash”.


So you can see Buying a Foreclosure can present a few challenges.  It is a very different transaction than buying directly from a homeowner that has diligently maintained and loved their home!  But…can represent a great opportunity for the right buyer!

So how do you protect yourself when buying Foreclosures in Little Neck?  You protect yourself by hiring professional inspectors and thoroughly checking the home out from head to toe, and having the appropriate inspection contingency clauses in your purchase agreement and the right real estate agent to help you!  An experienced agent can assess the different challenges and elements that each property has.  And don’t think they are all the same!  Each property will present itself will a different set of problems and solutions, and having an experienced buyer representative will be a huge asset when considering Foreclosures in Little Neck.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help you safely buy a foreclosure, give us a call at 757-285-6416 Bill & Millie Byrd

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