What to Expect from a Home Inspection

What to Expect from a Home InspectionWhat to Expect from a Home Inspection is often something home buyers are unsure about. Many times home buyers rely on all the usual suspects, the dad, the uncle, the friend that’s a contractor and other would be experts for advice. Even though all of these great resources have good intentions in mind when freely giving their advice and opinions the simple and best answer as to the question of What to Expect from a Home Inspection is to ask the Home Inspector you hire! A simple call to the Home Inspector with all of your questions and concerns will in most all cases give you the answers you need to feel comfortable with the process.

With the Byrd Realty Group at Keller Williams Coastal Virginia, we will never suggest that our clients not to get a Home Inspection and we want you to know What to Expect from Your Home Inspection. Home Inspections are great for “peace of mind” or a quick decision to “run for the hills” if the home you pick turns out to be a potential money pit! With that said, most issues discovered at Home Inspections that need repairs are often easily remedied and simply fixed. With that said some repair issues may take a little more time if estimates are needed. Sometimes it just takes a little extra time to work things out but in most cases as long as you have a seller that wants to sell and a buyer that wants to buy things can be negotiated and everyone will live happily ever after!

Tips to Help You Know What to Expect from Your Home Inspection:

  • Always hire a Professional Home Inspector that is a member of the National Association of Home Inspectors and avoid hiring a friend or family member to do your inspection. This simplifies what to expect from a home inspection and makes negotiations with the seller much easier if your Home Inspector is a non-biased third party!
  • Be present at the home when the Home Inspector reviews your report. This is so your can visually see what the problems (if any) are and discuss the possible solutions face to face with the Home Inspector.
  • Tap into the Home Inspectors experience. Interviewing one of two Home Inspectors before hiring one will give you a great idea of what to expect from your home inspection. Home Inspectors are great resources for home maintenance ideas and preventative solutions to avoid future maintenance issues. A simple tip related to draining water away from the foundation or removing a wood pile next to a home that could attract termites are the priceless types of tips you can expect from a veteran Home Inspector!
  • Home Inspections are for the major systems of the home like the HVAC, electrical, roof, foundation and plumbing, not necessarily cosmetic elements such as marks on the walls or poor paint jobs. Cosmetic issues are best addressed in your initial offer. It’s important to know what to expect from a home inspection and we can help you when that time comes to prepare your initial offer based on the current condition of the property you choose!
  • Obviously there are many home inspectors you can pick. We have had great success with the following 2 companies. Homebuyers Inspections and John Byrd (not related) of Fre-Byrd Inspections

We have done this many times before and it is our job to guide you through each step and make sure that your interests are our first concern! So feel free to Start Your Home Search and we will help you to be comfortable with the process of buying a home and knowing What to Expect from Your Home Inspection.


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