Home Buyers in Virginia Beach Playing Trick or Treat!

With so much news in the media about our current market being a “buyers market”…Home Buyers in Virginia Beach are playing their own game of “Trick or Treat”! In Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads many home buyers are looking to buy at steep discounts while many home sellers are simply hanging on for dear life trying to net out the best they can! While this tug-a-war is very common in Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads we have some very distinct differences between what is actually happening in the many different neighborhoods and price ranges in our diverse communities.

In my opinion the best deals are to be found in the REO and Short Sale markets, which continues to be the problem for those “equity” sellers trying to take advantage of the low interest rates and low prices as springboard to upgrade the family home! The botton-line for Home Sellers that are Home Buyers in Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads trying to move up…”JUST GET IT SOLD” you are going to win in the long run! You will certainly make up your loss on the move up purchase because those home sellers are dropping their prices to sell their homes too! I know you don’t want to here it but…you will never be able to sell in a sellers market and then turn around and buy in a buyers market in the same 2 – 3 month time frame! It’s just not possible…the market doesn’t move that fast!

As Virginia Beach Short Sale Expertswe are now seeing a little more flexibility in negotiations with the banks on short sales. The process is also seemingly getting a little faster! This may be my own wishful thinking or an 

hallucination but only time will tell. If this is the case you may see some interesting opportunities for Home Buyers in Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads who can be patient and deal with a Short Sale.

In conclusion…I know it’s cliche but it is true…There Has Never Been a Better Time To Buy a Home Than Today!

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