Virginia Beach Foreclosures-Buy and Hold Strategy

If your in the market for Virginia Beach Foreclosures exploring the Buy and Hold strategy of real estate investing might be a great pathway to personal wealth building?

The media has spent so much focus on the practice of the “get rich quick” myth of “Flipping Homes” that the conservative wealth building principle of “Buy and Hold” real estate investing has taken a back seat in the last 10 years. I personally “Flipped” a few Virginia Beach Foreclosures back in the early 2000’s and regretfully did not hold those properties for the long haul! One Foreclosure in Virginia Beach I bought for $134,900 and sold for a quick profit at $159,900! All we had to do was vacuum it! Then within 4 years of selling it to an excited pair of newlyweds, that same home appreciated to well over $300k! Boy were they happy with their investment! Nice wedding gift! I didn’t even get a thank you card!

Obviously it’s easy looking in the rear view mirror, but their are plenty of statistics that show over the long haul real estate has consistently out performed all asset classes over the long haul. What make this such an opportunity is that right now Virginia Beach Foreclosures have depreciated for about 4 years running and at the same times rental rates have been either on the rise or stable. So with historically low interest rates and financing available, there aren’t too many homes that won’t cash flow!

So…how do you figure this out? What’s the strategy? Where do you start?

The simple answer is to call the Byrd Realty Group at 757-301-1609 and we will be happy to consult with you and help you find the Best Real Estate Deals in Hampton Roads to establish your real estate portfolio! Additionally, if you like to read an excellent resource that I have learned a lot from is Gary Keller’s Book “The Millionaire Real Estate Investor”. As an experienced real estate investor and broker since 1986 this book help confirm some of my school of hard knocks approach and also brought up several very good ideas and practices any experienced real estate investor could benefit from! You can find the book at any book store or go to our online Book Store feed from Amazon and order a copy conveniently right from our site.

So whether your looking to buy a Virginia Beach Foreclosure or any other distressed property in Hampton Roads we can help! We have the experience, resources and expertise to help you make the right choices with your new “Buy and Hold” real estate investment strategy!

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