7 Great Reasons Why Now is The Best Time to Buy a Home!

Many experts are claiming that this is undeniably the “Best Time Ever” to buy a home!

During my career selling real estate in Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads  I have seen a quite few market turns. Each one similar but each one having it’s own set of unique characteristics. Never have we had the extremes of the last few years but with all the volitility I do feel that we are on the cusp of bottoming out. In taking the “half full” vs. “half empty” approach I for one believe this is “the best time ever” to buy a home in Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads! I know…I’m a salesperson and that’s what I’m supposed to say! And your right that’s what I’m supposed to say WHEN IT IS TRUE! The facts are that we are currently witnessing and observing a plethora of data that confirms we are in the mist of the bottoming out process of our market! If you learn to “read between the lines” of all the negative news and headlines…which by the way…almost always signal market turns by their intense negativism…you can conclude that change is on the way! This reminds me of a quote by R.G Allen “Many an optimist has become rich by buying out a pessimist”.

Buy on the Dips!

Below are the 7 Reasons Why Now is a Great Time to Buy a Home as outlined in the recent E-Book published by Keller Williams Realty.

1. Home afforability is at an all-time high.

Learn how lower prices, interest rates and the medium household income affect buying power!

2. Mortgage rates are at rock bottom!

Learn why rates are as low as they are and why they will soon rise.

3. Home Prices are starting to show signs of rising.

Learn the real statistics, the hard data not what the media wants you to see!

4. Sellers are motivated.

Learn why from Foreclosures and Short Sales are impacting prices and how supply and demand effect real estate prices.

5. Financing is readily available!

Learn that contrary to what the media say’s…loans are being made everyday!

6. Owning verse Renting is increasingly favorable.

Learn why the gap between average rental rates and the average principle and interest payments on a mortgage is now wider than it has been in 22years!

7. Homeownership is still the core of the American Dream!

Learn why homeownership is still a critical part of a families financial stability!

For more details on each of these 7 reasons…to get your copy of this informative E-Book fill out the form below and we will email you your own copy today!


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